Getting Everyone in ‘SmartPalika’.

Getting Everyone in ‘SmartPalika’.

Local governments – Time for a change!

We are glad to welcome everyone into this society. Let’s create the change. We are all aware of the hassles we have to face while doing our works in the local governments of Nepal. The population is also on a constant rise and manual, tedious office work is now outdated. It is time for a change and Smartpalika has been working to make that change possible. With the help of our integrated software system, local governments will have all their procedures digitalized. No more lost paperwork, no hassle, everything will be easy with the help of Smartpalika. We hope to make a positive, responsive technological transition from traditional style of work to a modern, flexible and convenient form for all, the citizens and government service providers alike! We are aware that changing traditional way of working is not easy, we are used to working manually and this change is not embraced by everyone. But we have to accept the fact that this is the 21st century and our country is going through an unannounced technological revolution. The time has come for us to embrace changes that have taken place a long time ago globally and make our contributions towards turning our local governments smart!

Through this we announce that we are open to inquiry to all local governments and it’s representatives to come and collaborate with us in this venture for technological change and overall prosperity. We are always available for information and we feel this is our part of the responsibility we all have of making our country better, prosperous and a finer place than what we are currently experiencing. Local governments will now be easier to navigate and we are determined to make it happen.

Don’t just witness the change, be a part of the change! Contact us by clicking HERE! 

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