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हरेक स्थानीय सरकारलाई आधुनिक प्रविधिका माध्यमबाट सशक्त बनाई नेपाललाई डिजिटल युगमा प्रवेश गराउने स्मार्टपालिकाको उद्देश्य हो!

We aim to impact Local Governments with our Benchmark Quality Technologies, Innovation Tools, Intelligent Practices and Involvement of People!

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Integrated ERP, Mobile Apps & Smart Tools for Local Governments.

स्थानिय निकायलाई चाहिने सबै मोड्युल एकै सिस्टममा – एकीकृत सुशासन प्रणालि, मोबाइल एप्स तथा डिजिटल प्रोफाइल!

SmartPalika aims to iMpact Local Governments, Representatives and People with its Benchmark Quality Technology, Smart Tools, Automation & Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Mobile Apps | स्मार्ट मोबाइल एप्स

Simple Interface

Digtial Profile Integration

Ward Services

News, Notices and Events


Smart Instructions

Open Data

Emergency Services

ERP SYSTEM | व्यवस्थापन तथा सुशासन प्रणालि


People iMpacted


Representatives iMpacted


Households iMpacted


Local Governments iMpacted


SmartPalika is an Integrated Software System backed by Smart City Researchers, Local Governance Experts, Development Experts and Data Technology Experts

From The Developer

SmartPalika is the product of Cellapp Innovations. We develop and deliver Accelerating Technology to Organizations and Businesses. Our expert team has 11+ years of experience in the Global Information Industry and we are willing to Cooperate with your organization.