Waling is a Municipality in Syangja District in Gandaki Province of Nepal. In 12th March, 2018, the Government of Nepal implemented a new local administrative structure. With the implementation of new local administrative structure, many VDCs has been converted into municipality and Waling is one of the 753 local units.

Waling SmartPalika Digital Profile and ERP Governance Framework

Waling SmartPalika Mobile Application

An Android Mobile App designed with the aim of providing service to local people of Municipality. The basic features of mobile app are:

  • Designed for Public User
  • Hello Mayor (People to Mayor Direct Chat )
  • Online Vital Registration Services (Birth, Marriage, Migration, Death)
  • Janata Connect (Public Messaging, Push Notifications, Bulk SMS with Automation)
  • E-meetings
  • Pratinidhi Connect (Secured Communication within Representatives)
  • Digital Rural (LG) Profile Report ( Digital Surveys, Data Analysis and  Details on Demographics, Socio-economic Development and further.)
Waaling banner

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